[Zope-CMF] DCWorkflow -worklists, expressions, roles -- is this a bug?

Heimo Laukkanen huima@fountainpark.org
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 19:46:43 +0300


I was playing around with DCWorkflows worklists and wondered how the 
expressions work. I thought about the possibility to give owners the 
'Review portal content'-permission in Members-folders.

In worklists I first set the permission, but that did not work. 
Actions from transitions did come visible, but not this new worklist. 
New worklist came visible for manager-users though!

I tried the same with expression:

python: here.portal_membership.checkPermission('Review portal 
content', here)

And same happened. Manager or everyone else, who had the Review portal 
content set in the portal root, saw this ned worklist. No one else.

This raises question that are transitions' and workflows expressions 
evaluated in different contexts- or what migth cause this?

Zope 2.5.0, DCWOrkflow 0.4 , CMF 1.3 b