[Zope-CMF] Zwiki & Plone?

Alastair Burt burt@dfki.de
22 Apr 2002 12:52:29 +0200

larry_prikockis@natureserve.org writes:

>  D'oh!  actually, I *meant* CMFWiki... That's what I can't seem to get
> working with Plone.  

I have just tried CMFWiki and Plone. I found that the ZPT files under
'skins/plone_3rdParty/zpt_wiki' do not really work. With a bit of random
hacking to these template files, I managed to get the 'contentTabs' with
'edit', 'comment', 'backlinks' etc to appear at the top of wiki pages.  The
'Recent Changes' and 'Wiki Contents' links that appear in the standard CMF
action box are still not there. They would probably be more appropriate in
the box on the left hand side, anyway. I do not know enough about the Plone
architecture and METAL macros to fix this more thoroughly.

--- Alastair