[Zope-CMF] Upgrading to CMF 1.2 error

J.C.Mcnulty@open.ac.uk J.C.Mcnulty@open.ac.uk
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 17:09:07 +0100

I was wondering if someone could help me. I am running Zope 2.5.1b2 with CMF
1.1 (python 2.1). I want to upgrade to CMF 1.2 but when I do and try to
publish an item I get the following error:

Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: hasReplies() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given).

Publishing a document works fine on CMF 1.1 but this error occurs under 1.2.

Any help or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.