[Zope-CMF] publishing content - dumb question

Daniel Mahler mahler@cyc.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 06:37:47 -0500


I cannot work out how content gets published.
I can create content with a member account,submit it
and then "publish" it with a reviewer account,
but all that happens is that the state changes to public.
I expected publishing to actually put the content
in a global/public place and perform some kind of notification
rather than just make the object visible.
I would expect publishing a news item would post it
on some bulletin board or something,
like it seems to on cmf.zope.org.
This does not happen by default with
and out of the box CMF1.3b.
No online documentation 
or Zope book (I own 3 and my boss owns the 4th)
discusses this aspect of CMF.
Am I missing something really obvious?