[Zope-CMF] Solution: Point of Publication

David Harvey (Hamish) david.harvey@bristol.ac.uk
25 Apr 2002 21:40:58 +0100

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 16:09, Florent Guillaume wrote:
> Hi,
> It could be argued that having the Redirect done inside the external
> method is not really the appropriate place from a logic/presentation
> point of view. I'd make moveToRep return a non-None value, for instance
> the path to the moved object, and contents_status_modify get the result
> from doActionFor and do the redirect.

That would certainly be neater, but if I understand the doActionFor code
in both DefaultWorkflow.py and DCWorkflow.py correctly, the return value
from any before or after scripts are discarded. The doActionFor methods
return nothing, too.


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