[Zope-CMF] manage_pasteObjects - not obeying Proxy?

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 00:53:12 -0500

I was doing a demo yesterday moving objects around using DCWorkflow
and it seems as a Member I could not paste to a folder I did not have
permissions to create objects.  I put a proxy role on the object and 
that didnt help.  Recently I spoke w/ Brent Hendricks who said he
got burnt by this and Dieter said it was a "Well known bug".  Very
strange because I swore (and sidnei as well) that I have done this
in the past.  

Is this going to be fixed?  I also tried this in an ExternalMethod and
it was complaining inside an External Method (which I thought bypassed
*all* security).  Sometimes I would like to say "._v_disregard_security=1"
and just have the entire security system not execute.

What I ended up having to do to get around it is a most gruesome
hack which can be found here:


I have to setLocalRoles on the folder, paste into the folder, and
then removeLocalRoles from the folder.  this is really miserable -
is this what everyone else is doing?


p.s. Dieter I hope you dont mind I CC'd you - I really want your
opinion of this situation.