[Zope-CMF] portal discussion and folder like object

Florent Guillaume fg@nuxeo.com
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 09:36:54 +0100

In article <20030127141851.GA1276@logilab.fr> you write:
> I've a problemn trying to allow discussion on folder like objects. The
> problem is that discussion items may not be attached to the correct
> folder since the folder may acquire its 'talkback' attribute.
> I've filled a bug to the collector (http://collector.zope.org/CMF/119)
> and tried to wrote a patch but my patch seems to break the discussion
> mecanism in another point when it tries to reconstruct thread.

Could you be a bit more specific in describing the problem encountered?
And please provide a recipe for reproducing the problem (also, add it to
you collector entry).


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