[Zope-CMF] review state

Troy Farrell troy@entheossoft.com
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 14:25:19 -0600

here.portal_workflow.getInfoFor(obj, 'review_state')

look the the API docs under CMFCore in your zope HelpSys.
You can also look on the HelpSys of cmf.zope.org:

cmf dot zope dot org/Control_Panel/Products/CMFCore/Help/portal_workflow.py
(no url so search engines don't follow it from the list archives.)


Mark McEahern wrote:
> How do I get the review state of an object?
> This naive approach doesn't seem to work:
>   # obj
>   print obj.review_state
> I know I can query based on review_state using portal_catalog, but what if I
> already "have" the object and I want to see what its review state is?  Maybe
> I have to use the portal_workflow tool?
> Thanks,
> // mark