[Zope-CMF] backup strategies

Sally Owens sowens@brookes.ac.uk
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:09:17 +0000


we are considering moving our main university web site over to Zope(with 
CMF). One of the major concerns that we have is downtime if something goes 
wrong (either with Zope, or CMF, or with the datafile). I was wondering 
what common 'backup strategies' people use to minimize this sort of thing 
(obviously we would be backing up the datafile and we will have a separate 
development and 'live' server)? We will be moving from a flat HTML file 
system (where it is easy to tell if the data is corrupt, and easy to sort 
out problems with the server) to Zope and CMF (where you might not notice 
problems with the datafile until it's too late and by then your backups 
might be corrupt too). How could we reduce the risk of data/software failure?

Is there any way for example to *test* Data.fs when you back it up (to be 
sure that you are not backing up corrupt data)?

What backup strategies do other organisations employ to minimize the risk 
of your Zope/CMF sites falling over?

All advice gratefully received.