[Zope-CMF] RecentChanges and editors for ZWiki under CMF

J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 12:46:45 -0800

The default RecentChanges page for ZWiki created links in the "by"
(editor) column to a WikiPage of the same name as the editor.  This
works well, and is likely what is intended under raw ZWiki.  However
under CMF odds are you'll want it to link back to the CMF user's $HOME.

To do this:

  Edit RecentChanges and find the two lines which reference

    <a href="&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;">&dtml-last_editor;</a>

  and a little later:

    <a href="&dtml-wiki_url;/&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;"><dtml-var last_editor></a>

  and replace them respectively with:

    <a href="/Members/&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;">&dtml-last_editor;</a>

  and with:

    <a href="/Members/&dtml.url_quote-last_editor;"><dtml-var last_editor></a>


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