[Zope-CMF] permissions/roles

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Sat, 8 Feb 2003 11:57:12 +0100

Sally Owens wrote at 2003-2-4 17:05 +0000:
 > Apologies if this is something that has been covered on this list (I've 
 > only just joined but a quick glance at the archives didn't answer my 
 > question)...
You should search them via Google!

 > We want to create a user role of 'Web Manager' in our CMF site and we want 
 > this user to be able to create new users but only new users *with a 
 > particular role* i.e. we don't want someone in a 'Web Manager' role to be 
 > able to create a new user and assign them the role of 'Manager', but we do 
 > want them to be able to assign the role of 'Web Editor' to a new user (the 
 > web editor role has fairly limited permissions).
Such specialized tasks are done by Python Scripts with "proxy roles".

Read the relevant documentation. Of course, you need to learn, too,
how to create new members (--> "Membership" API) and how to associate 
roles (maybe "MemberShip" API or some "AccessControl" methods --
look at the ZMI's source, to find out how it works).