[Zope-CMF] Auto create error page

Sim Harbert sim@noisygecko.com
Sat, 08 Feb 2003 11:45:19 -0500

What I would really like for my CMF/Plone sites is for the error page to 
have a "create" button which allows me to create non-existent pages if I 
have permission to do that.  Has anyone every come up with a system like 
that?  It would make it more Wiki-like, and

The flow would be:

    * Create a document with links to local site pages.
    * View the document and click on links to other pages (not created yet).
    * The error page comes up with a link saying "Create page
    * When I click on that it brings up the page allowing me to edit the
      page content with the page name already filled in.

I will probably try to create this since I am trying to make it even 
easier to write up interlinked pages on the site.  Or maybe someone else 
has come up with something similar...