[Zope-CMF] getting the items that a dcworkflow worklist define

Rocky Burt rocky.burt@bricsnet.com
Sun, 9 Feb 2003 15:34:14 -0500

It seems to me that this would be a pretty useful thing in standard 
DCWorkflow.  Is there any chance of worklists having more work done to them
in core DCWorkflow?  Have you submitted this patch to the DCWorkflow people?

- Rocky (r0ky)

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> From: Dieter Maurer [mailto:dieter@handshake.de]
> Sent: February 4, 2003 19:41:39 +0100
> To: rocky.burt@bricsnet.com, zope-cmf@zope.org
> Subject: Re: [Zope-CMF] getting the items that a dcworkflow worklist define
> Rocky Burt wrote at 2003-2-4 11:53 -0500:
>  > ...
>  > My intent was to build approx 1 worklist per workflow, that would signify that something is needing to be done with the particular content type that the worklist pertains to.
>  > 
>  > I was expecting that there was some kind of call I could make that would give me back a list of items that match a (or all) worklist's requirements back from the portal_workflow so that I could present this list back to the user as a type of "My Tasks" screen.  But after defining the worklist for one of my content types, I am unable to find such a function/method/call.
> I have extended DCWorkflow such that worklists provide
> a "search" method.
> I am not sure, however, whether you should use this extension.
>   For each new DCWorkflow release, I costs me about 10 to 15 minutes
>   before the extension works again...
> The alternative:
>   Worklists are essentially catalog queries.
>   While is is very nice to define the query just once (that has
>   been my reason for the extension) and use it for both
>   action and overview, it is feasible to do it twice...
> Dieter