[Zope-CMF] Multilingual site with CMF/Plone?

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:25:04 -0800

> I guess I should ask on the Plone list, but do you know if there's any
> documentation for writing products for Plone?  As I recall, the Plone
> book has space set aside for this, but the content currently there is
> nil.

I just haven't written it yet. Really, there is no special magic or 
trickery to writing Products with Plone. The only real difference is 
that the Plone uses ZPT and has some different slot names so sometimes 
your ui has to be slightly different.

Write your product for CMF Default or Plone, it won't really matter and 
whichever one you choose will be easy to customise for either.
   Andy McKay