[Zope-CMF] Multilingual site with CMF/Plone?

Erik Lange erik@digitalforbruger.dk
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 23:27:51 +0100

At 09:15 PM 2/10/03, Greg Ward wrote:
>On 10 February 2003, Erik Lange said:


> > And yes - we have succesfully done multilingual sites with default CMF and
> > localiser... but not with Plone.
>Hmm, two good data points.  If I may get nosy a moment, have you *tried*
>to create a multilingual site with Plone and failed, or have you simply
>not made the effort yet?  If the former, got any advice on what does not

The later...we gave up on using Plone and made our own version of their 
presentation-skin... the look is nice, no doubt about that ;-)

If you just want the look of Plone, you can use MMM-skin, from 

Basicly there are two ways of doing multilingual content:

1. Create seperate objects for each language

2. Let the content-object hold the various language-versions.

The first is of course the easiest way of doing it, and works fine - we're 
having an internal battle at the moment, whether tis is the right way (TM) 
of doing it...

The second means, that when people are loking at a pice of content, and 
changes the language, the content-piece they're looking at, will also 
change to the correct langauge... The problem with this aproach is, what do 
you do, if you need the retract a piece of content, to edit the content in 
one of it's languages ? If you only need to edit the content in one 
language-version, it's not so   clever that you need to retract all 
language versions for editing...

I believe, that the first way of doing it, need's a relational tool, to 
implement the functionallity of the second... we haven't  done that yet, 
but this would be _the_way_to_do_it_ (TM), IMHO.

Thomas Olsen ( Thomas@mmmanager.org ) has made a version of his CMF 
Article, that contains the various langauge-versions in it self (2). It 
hasn't been released yet, but I'm sure he'll share the code with you, if 
you're interested.

Erik Lange