[Zope-CMF] Multilingual site with CMF/Plone?

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:49:14 -0500

On 11 February 2003, Rainer Thaden said:
> i already posted this to Greg Ward so now again for the list:

Thanks!  I think it's best to continue this discussion on the list, just
in case anyone else out there is struggling with creating multilingual
content types.

> Use the install method delivered with the LocCMFProduct.
> It registers the types and skins, so that Employee_view.pt can be
> located. You'll find documentation how to use it in INSTALL.txt.

Oooh, documentation -- what a treat.  Thank you for gently reminding
me.  ;-)  I was under the false impression that "tar -xzf" or "unzip"
was all that was needed to install a Zope product.  Guess not -- oops!

> I managed to create a multilingual CMF-Site in a way that the content
> objects hold the multilingual content using Localizer.
> To be able to have multilingual metadata i created a class
> LocDefaultDublinCoreImpl based on DefaultDublinCoreImpl.

Speaking of which: I'm now in the process of making my own content type
using your localized DublinCore implementation, which I have taken the
liberty of copying into my product and renaming to LocDublinCoreImpl.
It mostly makes sense, but I have one question:

  * why do you bother having a 'language' property as part of the
    metadata, when clearly there are multiple languages, and the
    list of languages can be derived from each individual property?
    Eg. the list of languages that the title is available in is


    -- isn't that a more useful/accurate list than the value in
    the 'language' property?

  * even more puzzling, why is 'language' a localized attribute?
    What's the point of storing a separate 'language' property for
    each language that this resource is available in?

Hmmm, that was two questions.  So sue me.


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