[Zope-CMF] Multilingual site with CMF/Plone?

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 15:00:57 -0800

> I believe, that Plone should do their stuff "the CMF way", instead of 
> trying to convince everybody else, to do their stuff "the Plone way". 
> There is a difference, which is quite an obstacle for new users, who 
> aren't aware of this difference and who belives that Plone is a 
> "standard" CMF product...

One day someone is going to have to explain to me what a "standard CMF 
product" is. Do you mean its one that uses CMF Default and uses whatever 
workflow comes with CMF even if its ugly / broken / incorrect or doesn't 
do what we want?

I've developed Plone and CMF Default sites. Plone sites are faster and 
easier to develop, less code and give more features. I've used all the 
Zope products I want and all the CMF products I've wanted in my Plone 
sites without any issue.

I really don't want to get into this argument again, it's clear we both 
have our opinions, so I'm not replying anymore. There has been enough 
discussion on this in other forums which has only saddened my belief in 
our "community". (At which point some people said "What you believed in 
the community?")
   Andy McKay