[Zope-CMF] Multilingual site with CMF/Plone?

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:57:12 -0800

> Something that doen't "behaves different to CMFDefault even on simple 
> tasks"...

CMF Default != CMF

CMF Default is one way of doing it, Plone is another, MMManger is 
another, Zope Turbo sounds like its another. You have chosen to make 
MMManager compatible with CMF Default by the sound of it and assume 
Plone should follow this path.

> Have you tried using CMF Portlets or My Media Manager with Plone?

I've looked at them and I'll probably be working on integrating CMF 
Portlets, or something similar into Plone for our next release.

> I'm not saying Plone is bad, but I believe that nothing is perfect in 
> this world... Why do you get so offended by this ? Because we don't 
> participate in making Plone perfect ? Well, if someone tells us of an 
> error in one of our products, we're thankfull for the info, even if the 
> person doesn't offer to correct the error.

Im not offended, Im glad there are so many other products building on 
the CMF. That's good for everyone.

> Now, if there are good reasons to doing things differently ( because CMF 
> is ugly / broken / incorrect or doesn't do what we want ), I truely 
> believe this should be fixed in CMF, and not in a seperate product, 
> making either everything depending on this seperate product or forcing 
> people to make two releases of their products, one for CMF and one for 
> Plone.

That implies that if we want to do anything different we should pass 
that down to CMF. We all know that isn't going to happen :) Similarly 
there are different CMS's out there like Silva, CPS, are you suggesting 
they should all pass their changes down to CMF or Zope? They aren't bug 
fixes or improvements, they are just different.

The ability for us to use a common platform like Zope and CMF is great, 
but there is some point where projects are going to fork away. If for 
the sake of argument there is a fork for Plone, it's an extremely minor 
fork away from CMF Default.

We aren't forcing anyone to do anything. If everyone decides they dont 
want to make their products work with Plone, then fine. That's Plone's loss.

And really Im going to reiterate, what really does a user have to do 
make their product compatible with Plone? The answer for products I have 
converted is minimal to none.

> Please don't take this personally :-(

Im not.
   Andy McKay