[Zope-CMF] Multiple author and reviewer roles in Zope CMF

David Cain dacain@library.syr.edu
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:51:07 -0500

I would like to apply Zope CMF to our organization which is made up of
numerous departments.  Each department has one or more managers
(reviewers) and content providers.  Also, some managers cross
departments, as well as content providers.

I am doing this by creating only one role for Reviewer, another for
Author and so on. In my user folder, I don't give any of these roles to
my users. I go to the Security tab of the folder where I want to grant,
say, user Fred, role Reviewer, click on "local roles", and make such a

One thing I am seeing is new reviewers to a folder don't automatically
see all documents pending review.  Example:
Fred is a reviewer for the freddept/ folder which has 2 pending
documents for review.
Joe is a reviewer for the joedept/ folder 

If Joe is now assigned to be reviewer for the freddept/ folder then Joe
doesn't see pending documents for review.  Authors who have authored
content in the freddept/ folder must retract and resubmit their content
in order for Joe to see it.  

Any ideas on ways around this, or is there an easier approach?

David Cain
Senior Web Developer, Information Systems Department 
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, New York 13244-2010
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