Re[2]: [Zope-CMF] Workflow: Two 'Pending review' entries in actions

Rainer Thaden Rainer Thaden <>
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:24:34 +0100

Hallo Raphael,

RR> Rainer Thaden wrote:

>>So why does the DefaultWorkflow mess with my objects.
RR> Because each workflow in compiling its worklist queries the catalog
RR> ONLY based on 'review_state' (per default at least). So if you use the
RR> state name 'pending' in different workflows you will get this behavior.
RR> Personally I consider this a bug in the design of DC Workflow since
RR> each workflow COULD know which content types he is responsible
RR> for but obviously doesn't care.

RR> The dirtiest hack around would be to use different names for the
RR> pending state in different workflows (not recommended).
RR> More cleanly you could add a 'Guard' where in the expression you
RR> specify the approprite content type(s) - or whatever.

Even more dirty: i placed a return None at the beginning of
listGlobalActions() in