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D2 borelan@wanadoo.fr
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 11:30:13 -0400

Well i understand your problem.
When you unzip your CMF1.3 you have ONE folder containing sub-folders as
and so on.
So copy all the content of CMF-1.3 in the \Products directory and=20
restart Zope.

NB : To be recognized as a product by Zope, a package (directory) must=20
contain a module named __init__.py which is read by Zope at=20
initialization time. It must contain an initialize() method.
So when you don't see an __init__.py in a product directory, serach for=20
it inside the subdirectory and install it in the \Products dir.


george donnelly a =E9crit:
> [Daryl Middleton wrote (dmidd@chartermi.net) on 2/15/03 8:54 AM]
>>I am using Windows 2000 with Zope 2.6 and tried to install CMF 1.3.  Th=
>>directions suggest to intall into a path beginning with Instance_Home a=
nd or
>>Software_Home.  I am unable to locate Instance_Home or Software_Home.  =
Do I
>>have to create this new path or  am I using the wrong version of Zope? =
>>2.6 has been working fine on Windows 2000.
> you have to create that path, and actually you can name it whatever you
> want. You might want to use Zope 2.6.1 as its the latest stable version=
> also, its not necessary to install with an instance_home config, especi=
> if you are just testing on your home machine. you can just go with the
> default layout that zope comes with.
> just be careful when upgrading because you could overwrite your data.
> hth
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