[Zope-CMF] newbie - howto add/manage list of ZClass objects in a custom zclass

Danny <dannydn@get2net.dk> dannydn@get2net.dk
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 15:20:36 -0000


I have maked a ZClass X containing only two properties (String URL and 

String symbolicName). What I want is another ZClass Y that contains a 

list of X ZClasses and through a interface be able to add/delete and 

get objects from this list. How do I do that? So far I have managed, 

through the Zope interface, to make these ZClasses. I know I have to 

do some programming in Python, which are fine with me, except the fact 

that it seems hard to fine good examples/information/API etc for 

Python-Zope. Please help me!!

Thanks in advance