[Zope-CMF] Setting up various author and reviewer roles

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:53:15 +0100

David Cain wrote at 2003-2-14 12:54 -0500:
 > I would like to apply Zope CMF to our organization which is made up of
 > numerous departments.  Each department has one or more managers
 > (reviewers) and content providers.  Also, some managers cross
 > departments, as well as content providers.
 > How can I create several Zope CMF roles (reviewer and author) for each
 > department so that reviewers for that department will only see content
 > created by authors in that department?  

I assume your departments "live" in separate folders.

  In this case, you can note that worklists are just catalog
  queries in a special form. ZCatalogs path indexes can
  restrict queries to subhierarchies.

  Thus, you need only to get different paths dependent on the current
  user. I made an extension to DCWorkflow worklists such that
  they accept TALES expressions in their queries. With this
  extension, the user specific path query is easy.

  Maybe, you lobby that the extension is moved into the official
  distribution (I did not yet offer it, but I will, when there is