[Zope-CMF] New folderish product not acting folderishy

Rainer Thaden Rainer Thaden <thadi@gmx.de>
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 10:22:04 +0100

> I got ambitious and created a new folderish product
> for the CMF, based on the LocCMFProduct tutorial. The
> class inherits from DefaultDublinCoreImpl,
> SkinnedFolder, and PortalFolder.

First: did you think about the order of your base classes? There's a
passage in the LocCMFProduct Howto which explains the issues when
using different orders:

> When I create an instance of my new class and click on
> it in the management screen, I just get a "Properties"
> screen instead of a listing of what's in my
> "folderish" product. 

In the LocCMFProduct there are no mechanisms for the ZMI implemented.
You should see the contents of your object through the CMF interface
when you click on 'folder contents'. If you don't see that in the CMF
then there's something wrong with the order of your base classes.

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