[Zope-CMF] CMF + I18N

Rainer Thaden Rainer Thaden <thadi@gmx.de>
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 17:09:36 +0100


> I am starting work on a website that will need to be in both Spanish and
> English, wrt to both the "application" aspect and the "content" aspect. I'd
> like to use Localizer or something else to facilitate things and so I'm
> looking for suggesstions....
> Is anyone using CMFLocalizer with CMF1.3? any complications? any suggestions
> or pointers in the right direction will be very appreciated. :)

as far as i know the CMFLocalizer doesn't work with Localizer since a
certain version of Localizer. Unfortunately the Localizer.org site is
down at the moment but there must be information about that.

I did a site in german and english which is not yet online. I created
types which hold the content in both languages. If you like, you may
have a look at the LocCMFProduct howto at

 Rainer                          mailto:thadi@gmx.de