[Zope-CMF] unit test weirdness.

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:53:32 +0100

Lennart Regebro wrote at 2003-2-19 15:36 +0100:
 > I noticed a thing I don't really understand with the CMF unit tests.
 > If I run
 >     python utilities/testrunner.py -d ./lib/python/Products/CMFCore
 > The unit tests all fail, mostly because of import errors.
 > However, if I run
 >     python utilities/testrunner.py -d ./lib/python/Products
 > the CMFCore tests are successfully run. The same goes for CMFCalendar, 
 > CMFDefault
 > I feel there is some major voodo when it comes to these unit tests that 
 > I don't understand, but would like to understand. Can anybody explain 
 > this to me?

Maybe, "testrunner" magically extends PYTHONPATH depending on the

If this is the case, set up PYTHONPATH as necessary, before you
run "testrunner".