[Zope-CMF] writing CMF site migration how-to; vhosting issues

Colin Leath cleath@j9k.org
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:39:26 -0500 (EST)

I'm planning to write a how-to on cmf site migration from platform to
platform and vhost to vhost.

The skins fsdirectory updating is one necessary step- and
handles this well-
and george also pointed out that one can also add an FS directory view in the skin folder to re-add your needed skinfolders properly.

However- I'm stuck on the migration of content ownership!
It looks like Ivo was also:

and it appears did not find a good resolution (is that still the case?)

to summarize:
if one exports a cmf site from vhosting setup (say, freezope) and installs it on your localzope,

and if on import, one does not take ownership of the object (to avoid obliterating ownership data)

I find, for example, that ownership of objects will look like this:

This object is owned by colin (ZopeHosting/freezope/ea.freezope.org/cfu/acl_users).

in addition,
I find similar vhosting migration issues in other areas:
(this one has to do with paths stored in the catalog-- any topics or code using the path attribute will need updating on move)

What can be done to make a CMF site easier to move and vhosting safe?

What methods can be used to fix ownership while CMF is not vhosting safe (does anyone have scripts written--Ivo?)

are there other issues in moving a cmf site that I may have missed?