[Zope-CMF] unit test weirdness.

Tres Seaver tseaver@zope.com
20 Feb 2003 08:27:35 -0500

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 08:03, Mark McEahern wrote:

> [Chris Withers]
> > That's because neither of those is the canonical way of running
> > CMF unit tests.
> >
> > They should be run using:
> >
> > python all_cmf_tests.py [-q]
> >
> > ...from your Products directory.
> Hmm, all_cmf_tests.py does a plain import of Zope, assuming it is already
> started.  That works, I guess, if you're running ZEO.  I'm not.  So here's
> what I'm seeing (appended to the end below).
> Q:  Is this a bug in CMF? 

The "Zope.startup()" dance is a *very* recent requirement for Zope,
introduced only after 2.6.0;  prior to that, "import Zope" was the only
way for product unit tests outside of the SOFTWARE_HOME to ensure that
their product was stitched into the 'Products' package.

Any fix needs to be "forward-compatible" (e.g., the tests must still run
on Zope 2.5).  E.g.:

  import Zope

  except NameError:  # pre Zope 2.6.1

> I think it is, but perhaps I don't understand the
> design philosophy behind Zope unit tests.  I've always assumed each unit
> test should be isolated, capable of being run by itself without a lot of
> rigamarole.  The notion that there's a "canonical" way to run the tests
> (forcing you to run them in a big suite) seems contrary to that.  I would
> think the canonical way to run any unit test would be:
>   python testname.py

Running individual unit tests as scripts is *not* the canonical way to
run in a Zope setup;  getting the dependencies right for all the Zope
machinery is too much to expect individual test writers to do, and to
get right.

> where testname.py is a single module with one or more TestCase instances in
> it.  That's not contrary to having a way to run them all at once--but your
> statement about canonical suggests a design philosophy that makes a false
> dichotomy between running one test and running them all.
> Of course, what's likely is that there's something I just don't understand.
> Please help me.

Running with 'all_unit_tests' *is* canonical for the CMF, as Chris
suggests.  Given the need to do the setup, the actual incremental cost
is not that much higher anyway. :)

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