[Zope-CMF] [dev] CMF 1.4 alpha

Andrew Sawyers andrew@zope.com
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:18:50 -0500

I just did the movement of .css to FSFIle and updated the main_template.  I
was going to check it in and notify the list of the change...so this is it.
If people are relying on their .css files to contain DTML, you will need to
change your css file to foobar.dtml rather then foobar.css  We'll also get
this added to the release notes for 1.4 so as not to confuse anyone

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The proposed release date for 1.4 alpha was end of February, that's one
week from now.

Unresolved issues from the roadmap:

Movement of .css files to FSFile
(AndrewS ?)

Excessive time consumption by 'Filesystem Directory View'.
(ChrisW ?)

New portal_skins properties widget includes 'CVS' folders.
(ChrisW ?)

New FS property files format so that the format is more extensible using
ConfigParser format. Include proxy roles.
(AndyM ?)

Restriction of content type addition based upon user roles (ie: user x
can enter types y and z).
(ChrisW ?)

Unresolved issues from my personal list:

DCWorkflow integration
(nobody: just take it like it is)

ActionProviderBase-derived TypeInformation class
(tseaver ?)

Failing tests in Link with python2.2

utils.strippingParser strips ending slash

I18N support for CMFDefault
(tseaver ?)

MembershipTool: un-hardwire members folder

Any corrections, comments, ...?
What are the issues that block the alpha release?



BTW: Is there a reason the official roadmap was not moved back to the
dogbowl? I'd really like to see official CMF documents on cmf.zope.org,
not on myhome at whatever.org. If there's still a problem with the
dogbowl, that should be fixed.

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