[Zope-CMF] [dev] CMF 1.4 alpha

Andrew Sawyers andrew@zope.com
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:43:45 -0500

The only place in the CMF which references zpt_stylesheet is
main_template.pt - the only change required is to update the
tal:attributes="href here/zpt_stylesheet/absolute_url" to
tal:attributes="href here/zpt_stylesheet.css/absolute_url"

I've been doing this on customer gigs for over the past year with 0
problems.  I did a quick test after the change to just ensure that a fresh
CMFSite worked as expect (i.e. created an instance and viewed it).  The main
reason for the change (for me at least) is to retain the extension for
external tools.

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Andrew Sawyers wrote at 2003-2-20 10:18 -0500:
 > I just did the movement of .css to FSFIle and updated the main_template.
Be careful!

   When I did this in a private site, the site broke...

   While "*.css" as FSDTMLMethod swallowed the extension,
   "*.css" as FSFile did not.
   All references to style sheets broke as a consequence.