[Zope-CMF] DateIndexes, CMF and multiplication exception

Alan Runyan runyaga@runyaga.com
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:55:52 -0600

Are we going to use DateIndexes or DateRangeIndexes for
the DublineCore and CMFCalendar attribute sthat are indexed
in the portal_catalog?  I have heard that these indexes are much
faster than the current FieldIndex.

sooo I tried to upgrade plone.org and when I recataloged I ended
up getting a multiplication error.  This is because the _CEILING_DATE
in DublinCore.py is DateTime(9999,0) which is 12/31/9999.  And
when the DateIndex does computation is borks.

I dont see why _CEILING has to be set so high.. 12/31/2500 is just fine ;-)

anyhoo.. the question is: Should DateIndex be fixed so it doesnt
throw a multiplication error?  or should _CEILING be lowered and then
have a migration script that can be run that will set the values to
that will not cause exception.

I wrote a script that resets these values.  Very simple.  but I needed to
change DublinCore's _CEILING_DATE or I wuld get exceptions
after the object was created and when it was being indexed..

any idea?