[Zope-CMF] Silly catalog query-question

Erik Lange erik@digitalforbruger.dk
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 11:33:19 +0100

At 11:14 PM 2/20/03, J=F3nas Sigur=F0sson wrote:
> >I posted a link, to a tiny file that does this. An example. Whats so
>bad >with that?
> >What can be more constructive and a link to a file that creates a small
> >containing future events, when that is exactly what she is asking
>Is it just me or is there a growing bitterness on this mailing list
>towards a certain product, which name I dare not to mention?

Hi :-)

Nope - Plone is a great Content Management System!

But talking about the Framework, an answer like this is nice:

This may help, but it is untested...

  resultSet =3D context.portal_catalog.searchResults(Type=3D'Event',=20
sort_on=3D'Date', review_state=3D'published', start=3DZopeTime(),=20
This should give you all of the events occurring past the current time.
Just pick the first one off the list.


I'm not bitter towards Plone, but sometimes I feel that there is a growing=
bitterness towards people on this list, that are not using Plone ;-)

Best regards,
Erik Lange