[Zope-CMF] Strange behaviour: Owner and LocalRole Owner

Rainer Thaden Rainer Thaden <thadi@gmx.de>
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:29:24 +0100


> Rainer Thaden  <thadi@gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i noticed a strange behaviour with permissions for an owner of a
>> folderish content type.
>> The content type is derived from DefaultDublinCoreImpl, SkinnedFolder
>> and PortalContent (in that order).
>> The owner of such an object in the 'published' state has the Modify
>> portal content permission.
>> But: neither the View nor the edit nor the metadata actions are
>> visible. Workflow provided actions are also not visible.
>> When i give the owner of that object a local role 'owner' additionally
>> everything works fine.

> What do you mean by "the owner of that object". Don't confuse
> local-role-owner with executable-owner (the latter is what you see in
> the Owner tab). They have nothing to do with each other.

The owner is the one who created the content and is shown in the Owner
tab. Actually i created the content as Admin and another person became
the owner by using 'Take Ownership'.

>> As i understand from the Zope Documentation the owner of an object
>> also has the local role 'owner' by default ?!

> In Zope, when someone creates an object the objects is automatically
> assigned a locale role Owner with the id of the user that created it.
> This happens in ObjectManager._setObject.

If someone takes over the ownership, is there a local role 'Owner'
created? If so, is it possible to delete that role? If so, does this
cause the behaviour i described above?
Questions, questions ...

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