[Zope-CMF] Form validation

Alan Runyan runyaga@runyaga.com
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:40:29 -0600

> I'd put all the navigation targets as additional attributes of the Type
> itself. Which either requires extending a bit the ActionsTool, or simpl=
> use not-visible pseudo-actions =E0 la
>   id: edit_target
>   action: mytype_edit
> and some logic to automatically go to indirect through edit_target,
> for instance
>   <form action=3D"portal_form/action_target?target=3Dedit">
> or even
>   <form tal:attributes=3D"action here/portal_form/action_target/edit">
> or something...

iirc this is *exactly* what gdavis plans to do.  then maybe we can roll
alot of this back into the CMF at some point ;-)  It would be nice
if we all used the same mechanism for form validation across CMF

which reminds me.. how does CPS do this?  inside the xxxx_edit.py