[Zope-CMF] Form validation

Alan Runyan runyaga@runyaga.com
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 15:07:00 -0600

> > which reminds me.. how does CPS do this?  inside the xxxx_edit.py
> > scripts?
> In current CPS, all form validation is ad hoc.
> For the future, we're working on completely redesigning document and
> forms, so that all forms in CPS are generated and validated
> automatically from an abstract description of the form/document. This
> won't land before 1-2 months though.

are you guys going to release this?  ben saller has written a generation
tool that are planning on using in Plone 1.1 for some of our forms.
Many for personalize_form to be constructed so that other projects
can add additional fields and not step on each other.  I am unsure if
it requires CMFTypes -- I do not believe it does.  I believe the first
cut will be out next week.  

whats driving the need for this is they (CMFTypes) has written and has
to maintain the PageTemplates for Plone (which are quite complex because
of i18n and the information we have about form elements).  And since
Plone can change -- it would be best that we maintain it inside our project
so that other people can dynamically generate forms.