[Zope-CMF] anyone interested in developing CMF "Book"...

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 19:24:58 -0500

[Dan Axline wrote (waxline@dsndata.com) on 2/24/03 6:28 PM]

> I would probably be interested in helping also.  However, newbie that I
> am, I couldn't really do much more than aggregation.  Since the mailing
> lists are a key source of info, I have thought that it would be nice to
> be able to have access to topically sorted kernel-traffic-style
> discussion summaries with links back to lists.zope.org.

sounds excellent! the mailing lists are a largely un-harvested source of

> If the facility was available, I would provide summaries of threads
> whenever I find something useful in the archives.  It would be like
> saving my work!

hmm, i don't no if we could get access to make any special facilities on
cmf.zope.org. Should we think about hosting this elsewhere?

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