[Zope-CMF] [dev] some questions regarding CMF 1.4

Tres Seaver tseaver@zope.com
25 Feb 2003 09:14:26 -0500

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 06:50, Magnus Heino wrote:
> > @ Tres: Could you please give some feedback to these questions?
> >
> >      1.) I guess you are the person who'll actually make the release.
> >          What would be a realistic release date for CMF 1.4 alpha?
> Tomorrow?
> >
> >      2.) <http://collector.zope.org/CMF/122> (I18N support for
> >          CMFDefault) is assigned to you. I don't mean to frustrate
> >          your plans, but could I help get this done?
> >
> >      3.) Are you going to merge tseaver-typeinfo_as_apb-branch into
> >          CMF 1.4?
> >
> >      4.) Are you going to add DCWorkflow to CMF 1.4?
> >
> >
> > @ Chris: Are you still planning to resolve the issues mentioned on
> >           the roadmap?
> >
> >      <http://collector.zope.org/CMF/84>
> >      <http://collector.zope.org/CMF/100>
> >      <http://collector.zope.org/CMF/114>
> All of these issues are new features.

#2 involves merging work already done by Gitte Wange.  I am fine with
having somebody else help with that merge (Yuppie asked if he could

#3 is work already done (since practically the day after the 1.3
release).  I definitely want to make it happen for 1.4;  I knew the old
TypeInfo code was crufty even as I made the last release, but made the
same tradeoff you are asking for now, then.

#4 is purely packaging:  we would just update the CMF release tarball
to include the DCWorkflow package, and tweak the portal setup code
to install it by default, rather than CMFDefault's DefaultWorkflow.

> Current CMF1.3 contains many bugs and showstoppers that has been fixed in HEAD 
> for months. I use HEAD snapshots in all my installs.

True showstoppers should be fixed on the CMF-1_3-branch, as well.  I
could see your argument for releasing a 1.3.1 tomorrow, as we have been
using the head of the 1.3 branch heavily for customer work.

The stability of the current HEAD is a driver for making a "small" 1.4
release, but actually works against your point of making a "no change"
one:  it is so stable that people using the HEAD aren't hurting for an
immediate release.  The community (Andy Mckay and Yuppie, mostly)
actually organized the 1.4 effort:  I am happy with the feature set they
proposed for the release.

> My suggestion is to create a release branch for CMF1.4 NOW. Release an alpha, 
> fix any bugs that people might find, then release the final version.

We don't create release branches for alphas, precisely because alphas
aren't feature frozen.  An alpha created by tagging today's head isn't
any more stable than the snapshots you are already using.

> CMF1.3 was released ages ago, there is a huge need for a new release with the 
> features and fixes currently in HEAD. New features can then be added to HEAD, 
> and released in 1.5

The features Yuppie is asking about have been on the table for 1.4 since
the effort to organize 1.4 started.

> If we start adding features now, we won't have a release for many months now 
> :-(
> Please?

I believe that the I18N / L10N code can land by the end of the month, if
somebody has time to work on it at all.  I will take on landing the APB
branch this week (Casey has already done some preliminary work on it).

I would therefore propose that we label an alpha as of Monday, 3 March,
with a beta scheduled for Monday, 10 March, and a release for Monday, 24

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