[Zope-CMF] CMF 1.3.1 beta 1 released

Tres Seaver tseaver@zope.com
26 Feb 2003 13:53:07 -0500

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 13:02, Mark McEahern wrote:
> [Tres Seaver]
> >      and as a "Unix tar/gzip archive",
> >      http://cmf.zope.org/download/CMF-1.3.1beta1/CMF-1.3.1beta1.tar.gz.
> When I try to uncompress this, I get:
> $ tar -zxvf CMF-1.3.1beta1.tar.gz
> gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
> tar: Child returned status 1
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

Apparently, we are being bitten by a since-fixed HTTP RANGE
bug:  I see the same problem if I donwload the file via Galeon, which
does chunked requests, but if I use wget, all is fine.

I will check to see if I can upgrade the appservers.

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