[Zope-CMF] (no subject)

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:10:22 -0500

[Liam Cleary wrote (liamc34@hotmail.com) on 2/28/03 2:43 PM]

> Hello - im not sure if this is were i ask a question about cmf - if it isnt
> please tell me were

hi liam, this is indeed the place. :)

> "Only published items are available to the general member base and anonymous
> visitors. To make an item published, it has to be reviewed by one of the
> site's Reviewers. You can request that an item be reviewed by setting its
> status to pending."
> In Cmf how do i publish an item having the status pending - I have created a
> user and given him the role of reviewer. Were do i go from here.

I answered your question when you posted it on the zope list. did my
suggestion not work? why? what happened? did you get an error? what was it?

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