[Zope-CMF] IOError and Data.fs.index.index_tmp

Nicolas Romero Nicolas.Romero@adp3i.fr
05 May 2003 09:37:38 +0200


I am using Zope 2.6.1 and CMF 1.3, and I have a problem when I install a
site. At the beginning, everything works well, but after a while, my
users can no longer create content without IOError. 

The error_log says that it is due to the creation of
Data.fs.index.index_tmp which fails because the user running zope has
not the write (Unix) permission on the var/ folder.

I set this permission and everything works well again, but I would like
to understand why it occurs only after a while.

Best regards,
Nicolas Romero, adp3i <http://www.adp3i.fr>