[Zope-CMF] index_html acquisition

David Hart dhart@atlantisblue.com.au
Tue, 06 May 2003 10:52:54 +1000


Err, sorry my previous post went to the wrong list (zope-dev).

I have a product based on PortalFolder & PortalContent, among other classes.

Brian Lloyd wrote on 2003-01-02 in thread "Why is index_html() called
instead of ..." :

>ZPublisher looks first for index_html, and will only use __call__ 
>if it doesn't find an index_html on the published object.

I've discovered PortalContent is setting index_html = None.

Is there any way this variable can be 'unset' to re-enable acquisition 
of index_html?

Would I possibly be better off with my own patched version of PortalContent?

Other than grepping source code and using DocFinderEverywhere 
showDocumentation?expand_all=1, what are other good ways to trace issues 
like this one?