[Zope-CMF] index_html acquisition

David Hart dhart@atlantisblue.com.au
Tue, 06 May 2003 14:55:28 +1000

Troy Farrell wrote:

> Off the top of my head and completely untested, I would change my 
> __init__() function do to something like this:
> def __init__(self,...):
>   """Initialize my content"""
>   # do stuff here
>   ...
>   del(self.index_html)
>   ...
>   # do more stuff here
> Obviously, I wouldn't try this in production, and I'm no python 
> supergenious, but there has to be a way to do this...unless the python 
> interpreter chases down attributes by looking at parent classes 
> instead of merely copying the attributes to the child classes...  Hmmm 
> this could be more problematic than I thought.  Give it a shot.  Give 
> us a shout.  We'll figure it out.

Good idea! But, it didn't work. :(

ZPublisher still is not picking up the acquired index_html, hence my 
__call__ function is being called.  I could try to make my __call__ 
function do what ZPublisher would do, but that's a nasty hack, IMO, and 
breaks the possibility of a standard override to index_html with 
__browser_default__ and other stuff.