[Zope-CMF] Another portal caatalog wierdness???

Braun Brelin bbrelin@openapp.biz
06 May 2003 21:05:35 +0100

Something else I've noticed.  I have a test script that looks like this:
foo = context.portal_catalog(id='mydoc')
if (foo is None):
   print "No objects found"
    for res in foo:
        print res.id
return printed

where 'mydoc' is a new document instance I created in my folder.  
The return value I get back is:  


Why would I not be getting back the id of mydoc?   Why would the
portal_catalog search function point me to the catalog itself, rather 
than the object I requested? 

I've checked that the object is indeed, cataloged in the portal_catalog 
tool via the ZMI...I'm running Zope 2.6.1/CMF 1.3.1 on a RedHat 8.0

Braun Brelin