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CMFMember is a product in the cvs of the Collective project. 


This will allow you to treat members as content objects that (like any other
content object in CMF or Plone) can have workflow applied to them.
CMFMember requires Archetypes:


Both CMFMember and Archetypes are designed to work with Plone.


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I am a teacher planning to deploy a student collaboration and support site
based on Zope/CMF/Plone. I need to change the way members register to use
the site. I don't know if this is possible--I haven't dug into the meat of
the package--but it intuitively seems possible. What I need is this:

Potential members fill out the usual (or a modified) registration form,
but upon completing the form they are not automatically made members.
Instead someone with a 'manager' role needs to authorize or approve the
member. Once the member is approved, the normal sequence of events should

I've browsed available documentation but have not as yet seen an approach
for this. I've seen how to turn off registration, but I don't want that.

Can anyone help me?


David Negaard
English Teacher: Palmdale High School
Palmdale, CA

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