[Zope-CMF] Making only specific views delivered through https

Gitte Wange gitte@mmmanager.org
Fri, 9 May 2003 15:44:09 +0200

On Friday 09 May 2003 03:39 pm, Raphael Ritz <Raphael Ritz 
<ritz@itb.biologie.hu-berlin.de>> wrote:
> Gitte Wange wrote:
> >I read in the archives a surgestion on rewriting the urltool to handle the
> >stuff for returning https urls for the login proces but I'm not sure
> > whether it will work for the type views ??
> >Anyone tried this before ?
> I didn't try this myself but from what I understand from this HowTo
> http://www.dzug.org/SchreibMit/ZopeFaq/Virtual%20Hosting/Zope%2C%20Apache%2
> one way for doing this might be to use the "SSLAbsoluteURL" product.
> Then it might be sufficient to define a property for the respective
> object or view
> with name "SSL", typ "Boolean", value "on" to enforce delivery via SSL.
> Keep us updated on your progress.
>     Raphael

Hi Raphael,

It looks very interesting!
Unfortunately my german is not that good but I will take a look at the 
SSLAbsoluteUrl product ...

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