[Zope-CMF] (no subject)

Grégoire Weber gregweb@gmx.ch
Sat, 10 May 2003 18:41:45 +0200 (MEST)

We at Padua use a fix that avoids breaking backwards compatibility
with old products using string actions and not expressions (the head 
of archetypes is an example for that).

Backwards compatibility changes:

CMFCore/ActionInformation.py, line 128

    def getActionExpression( self ):
        """ Return the text of the TALES expression for our URL.
        action = self._getActionObject()
        expr = action and str(action) or ''
        ##### OLD: expr = action and action.text or ''
        if expr and type( expr ) is StringType:
            if not expr.startswith('python:') and not
                expr = 'string:%s' % expr
                self.action = Expression( expr )
        return expr

In CMFCore/Expression.py add to class Expression (Persistent):

    def __str__(self):
      return self.text


> Aside from "sneaking in" a feature[1] that the Plone guys need (and plan
> to implement), does anybody know of any other issues blocking a 1.4
> release?   I would like to schedule the release for Monday, 19 May,
> unless somebody knows of such a blocker.
> [1] Alex Limi has Seb Bacon on the hook for a feature he calls
>     "role-based skin switching", which Plone 1.1 needs.  Assuming
>     that the implementation poses no compatibility risks, I am willing
>     to bless it into the release for the sake of inter-project amity /
>     interoperability.

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