[Zope-CMF] using APE to offload a portion of an intranet from the ZODB

Larry Prikockis Larry Prikockis" <larry_prikockis@natureserve.org
Mon, 12 May 2003 15:09:40 -0400

Here's the deal:     I've gotten the green light to start developing an
intranet for our organization using Zope/CMF/Plone (yeah!). One remaining
concern my manager has is that various documents (typically MS Office)
stored on the intranet are not locked into some python/zope-specific world.
Simply having WebDAV access to them isn't quite enough to allay his fears-
and in any case, I don't want people loading 30MB PowerPoints into the ZODB

So.... I'm very excited about the possibility of storing a portion of the
intranet (e.g., a folder called 'docs') on the filesystem, while the rest of
the system lives normally in the ZODB.

My question is-- if my CMF/Plone portal exists at /intranet, can I mount an
APE-based file-system storage at /intranet/docs ???

It's probably just because it's Monday morning, but I can't seem to grasp
how to mount an APE/DBTab storage at some place other than the Zope root-- 
and from reading the examples in the supplied config file, it sounds like I
might not want to?

Can someone set me straight on this?

thanks much!


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