[Zope-CMF] using APE to offload a portion of an intranet from the ZODB

Christian Scholz cs@comlounge.net
Mon, 12 May 2003 22:13:04 +0200


> My question is-- if my CMF/Plone portal exists at /intranet, can I mount an
> APE-based file-system storage at /intranet/docs ???

Yes ;-)

> It's probably just because it's Monday morning, but I can't seem to grasp
> how to mount an APE/DBTab storage at some place other than the Zope root-- 
> and from reading the examples in the supplied config file, it sounds like I
> might not want to?

The sample dbtab.conf in the Ape-Distribution actually does not mount something
to the root folder but to /fs. Check the mount_path option, it's also explained
in the docs (of DBTab, I think, there are all options explained in detail). 

So in your case it might be mount_path=/intranet/docs

-- christian