[Zope-CMF] Re: using APE to offload a portion of an intranet from the ZODB

Christian Scholz cs@comlounge.net
Mon, 12 May 2003 22:24:03 +0200


> You can use: mount_paths=/intranet/docs:/ to realize the example in my
> original message. No problem.

I think mount_paths=/intranet/docs should be enough. If you do the additional
:/ and you mount a normal ZODB, then you might have problems as the Zope root
which might not be good as written in the docs (and mentioned by you). I dunno
about the fs-storage, but I just used it without and everything worked fine.

> Here's the next question though... The /docs folder that gets mounted,
> despite my best efforts at modifying the config file, seems to get created
> as a OFS.Folder type, rather than a CMFCore.PortalFolder type as I'd like. I
> tried following the example of using:
> container_class=Products.CMFCore.PortalFolder.PortalFolder, but I still seem
> to be getting a Folder instead of a Portal Folder.

Is it mounted already? I think it's only used on the first mount. Maybe mount
it again and look if it's working. I think I tried this once and it worked for

> In general though--- this is one of the coolest products I've seen in a
> while... In theory, it offers a whole new universe of flexibility.

That's right :)

My question would actually be if it's used in production somewhere and if it's
stable enough. Also I wonder why portal_skins in an fs based storage is not
recognized as a folder like type.. Actually it's completely serialized now.
Maybe in order to fix this one has to dive a bit into the code ;-)

-- christian