[Zope-CMF] DCWorkflow variables

Dan Axline waxline@dsndata.com
Fri, 16 May 2003 21:39:15 -0500

I want to update the workflow variable "my_variable" when executing a 
transition.  Also, I want to have that variable indexed in the catalog 
to make flagged items findable by a worklist.

 From what I can see, I need to make a content_status_modify() kind of 
script, or otherwise call doActionFor() with "my_variable" assigned in 
kwargs.  Then I need to create a workflow script that looks in 
state_change.kwargs for "my_variable" and assigns it to 
state_change.status.my_variable.  This script will be the "before" 
script for my transition.

state_change.status.my_variable = state_change.kwargs.get('my_variable')

Is this right, or am I whacko?  (I'm guessing whacko.)

I'm pretty confused about the catalog index, too.  Surely I don't have 
to create a new meta_data item, a new index for that item, and assign 
that item in the "before" script...  Since the workflow variable has an 
option to "Make available to catalog", I must be able to make an index 
that looks directly at the variable... review_state.my_variable?  That 
can't be right...

- Dan